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Trigalight Illumination

All traser H3 watches feature trigalight (tritium gaseous light) illumination technology. This highly specialised technology was developed by mb-microtec where a guaranteed light source was needed for safe operations in all hazardous environments and conditions.

Trigalight are tiny glass vials that are laser sealed, internally coated with phosphorescent material and filled with a minute amount of tritium gas. Electrons emitted from the gas excite the phosphor to create the permanent light. They do not require any external power source or require recharging in order to glow continuously for up to 20 years.

Illuminated Dial Image (click to open)

Trigalights can be manufactured in a variety of colours by using different phosphorescent material. Green is the preferred colour because it is perceived to be the brightest by the human eye but we also use Orange, Yellow and Blue. Blue is primarily used in watches for underwater use as it remains visible to the human eye for longer than any other colour.

For more information on this unique technology, please visit the manufacturers website.

Comparing trigalight illumination and SuperLumiNova

If the luminous markings on a watch are reasonably sized and arranged, the readability in the dark is primarily determined by their total light emitted. In order to assess the relative merits, the light intensity of two dials with identical markings were measured and compared. One dial featured trigalight technology ( traser® H3-watch ) and the other SuperLumiNova

The results, with the light intensity expressed in the unit "nanocandela" (ncd) are given below.

after (in darkness) 0 min. 5 min. 1 hour 8 hours
(in nanocandela)
6000 6000 6000 6000
(in nanocandela)
10000 6000 400 30

Traser H3 6000 ncd*
*nanocandela (after 1 hour)

Super Lumi Nova 400 ncd*
*nanocandela (after 1 hour)

The radio luminescent trigalight of the traser® watch remains constant, while the purely phosphorescent light of the SuperLumiNova may initially be brighter but diminishes within minutes and becomes progressively less luminous.

If you need to read your watch at night, make sure it's a traser H3 with trigalight illumination.